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Error class

The Error class is used to configure the error-reporting module of the HLU library. It works in conjunction with the Error functions.

The Error class basically works in two modes: C and Fortran. The errBuffer, errLevel, and errPrint resources are not affected by the mode. The errFilePtr, errFileName, and errUnitNumber resources do depend on the mode.

The language mode that is used is determined by how the HLU library is initialized. If the library is initialized using a Fortran initialization function such as NhlfInitialize or NhlfOpen, then the error object uses Fortran mode, otherwise it uses C mode.

The resources are used to determine if errors should be buffered, what level of severity errors should be included, and where and when the messages should be printed.

See the Error class module for an explanation of Error resources.

See the NhlPError function for an explanation of Error API functions.

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