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HLUs: Putting it all together

Here are some reminders to help you get started using HLUs effectively:

  • Make sure that the NCAR Graphics software is properly installed by running an ng4ex example in a working directory.

  • Create a new application by copying and renaming an ng4ex example and its resource file (ends with .res) that produces a graphic similar to what you need.

  • Edit the example source code so it reads your dataset, creates the output you want, and sends the output to the type of workstation you want.

  • Edit your assignment paths for resources in the .res file. Enter the values you want for the resources in the .res file.

  • Compile and execute your program. Look at your graphic. If it is output to an X Window, it will appear on your monitor. If you wrote an NCGM file, use ctrans, ictrans, or idt to view it. If you wrote a PostScript file, you can use a PostScript previewer such as ghostscript to view it, or you can send it to a PostScript printer.

  • If you detect problems with the image, select new values for the appropriate resources in a resource file and re-execute. If there are problems with the graphical objects, return to and edit your HLU program, as needed.

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