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A spooled device configuration table for the interactive metafile translator ictrans.




The ncarv_spool file contains definitions for spooled devices to be used by ictrans. Each definition describes a rule used for sending a set of metafile frames to a spooled device.

Each entry consists of a line of the form:

    alias_name : translator_args : filter_chain

an identifier unique to the file. It is the alias by which the definition may be referenced.

translator_args is a list of valid ctrans command line arguments to be passed to ctrans. Metafile frames are translated by ctrans and the output of this translation is made available for further processing as specified by the remaining spooler definition.

is a set of simple commands separated by the UNIX pipe symbol |. filter_chain may be terminated by the UNIX file redirection symbols > or >> filename. Output from ctrans is made available to the processes defined in filter_chain.

A pound-sign (#) as the first character indicates a comment line which is ignored by routines that read this file. The order of entries in ncarv_spool is important. If an alias name conflict arises the last definition encountered is given precedence. Any previous definition for the same alias name is discarded.


The following is an example ncarv_spool file. The first entry describes a device named postscript. When postscript is named as the spooling device, metafile frames are translated by ctrans into the format described by the ps.mono graphcap. The font font1 is used for CGM text elements. The result of this translation will be piped to lpr.

The second entry is named dicomed. The dicomed entry specifies that metafile frames will be rasterized at a 1857 by 1183 pixel resolution and output in X11 xwd format. The result of this rasterization is piped to a program x11tonrif which in turn sends its output to a program called rasttg. In the third example the final output is directed to a file called sunfile.

     # example ncarv_spool file
     postscript : -d ps.mono -f font1 : | lpr -Pprinter0
     dicomed : -d xwd -res 1857x1183 : | x11tonrif | rasttg -tc
     sunraster : -d xwd -res 1152x900 : | x11tosun > sunfile
     xwd : -d xwd -res 1000x1000 : > gmeta.xwd


Path to root of NCL and NCAR Graphics installation.
If set this variable contains the path to the installed NCL/NCAR Graphics libraries. NCARG_LIB overrides NCARG_ROOT.


  • $NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/ncarv_spool - System spooler configuration file
  • $HOME/.ncarv_spool - User spooler configuration file

See also

ctrans, ictrans