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NCL Graphics: Pressure/Height vs. Time (high-level plot interface)

Data must be in pressure coordinates!

h_time_1.ncl: Default black and white time vs. height plot

gsn_csm_pres_hgt is the plot interface that creates time vs. height plots.

Note, the data must be on pressure levels to use this interface.

h_time_2.ncl: Shades values less than -0.5 and greater than +0.5

ShadeLtGtContour is the function that does the shading.

There are numerous contour effects to choose from.

h_time_3.ncl: Color plot

See the color example page for lots of ways of dealing with color.

h_time_4.ncl: Demonstrates how to adjust the number of height levels displayed on the right axis.

tmYRTickSpacingF controls the spacing of the height labels.

h_time_5.ncl: Removes the height label. label
h_time_6.ncl: Plot of the Quasi Biennial Oscillation [QBO]. The paneled figure is a result of using 20 year periods for readability. For 'fun', a different color table is used.