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NCL Graphics: Map Projections

Satellite projections have their own page. You can view lambert conformal projections under the regional climate model. There are numerous examples of cylindrical equidistant and polar stereographic projections.

In order to zoom in on a region the four resources
mpMinLatF, mpMaxLatF, mpMinLonF, and mpMaxLonF must be set. The thing to remember, is that mpLimitMode must also be set to "LatLon". The gsn_csm cylindrical equidistant and polar stereographic plot templates set this resource for you, so it is easy to overlook.

See the description at the top of the Map outlines examples page for information about a change to the behavior of the mpDataBaseVersion resource in NCL V6.4.0.

proj_1.ncl: An example of a Mollweide projection.

mpProjection = "Mollweide", Selects the projection type. The default look for this plot has a box perimeter, and no lat/lon lines.

mpGridAndLimbOn = True
mpGridLatSpacingF = 20.
mpGridLonSpacingF = 30.
Turns on the lat/lon lines and sets the spacing for each. The default is very dense.

mpPerimOn = False, Turns off the box perimeter.
proj_2.ncl: An example of a Mercator projection.
proj_3.ncl: An example of a orthographic projection.

mpCenterLonF = -120.
mpCenterLatF = 50.
Chooses the center longitude and latitude.