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Converts data units into normalized device coordinates (NDCs).


	procedure NhlDataToNDC (
		plot  [1] : graphic,  
		x_in  [*] : float,    
		y_in  [*] : float,    
		x_out [*] : float,    
		y_out [*] : float     



A plot object that can be created by using one of the many gsn plotting functions, or by calling the NCL create language construct.


One-dimensional arrays of x and y data coordinates. They must be the same length. For map plots, x_in corresponds to longitude values, and y_in corresponds to latitude values.


One-dimensional arrays of the same size as x_in and y_in. These will contain the x and y NDC output values.


The NhlDataToNDC procedure uses the built-in transformation mapping feature of NCL plot objects to map data coordinates into Normalized Device Coordinates (NDCs).

The NhlDataToNDC procedure maps coordinate pairs from x_in and y_in and places the results in the corresponding elements of x_out and y_out respectively. Both x_out and y_out can be the same variables as x_in and y_in.

When the data coordinates are outside of the data transformation specified in the plot, a missing value is placed in both of the corresponding indexes in the output arrays. The missing value chosen is either the x_in missing value, y_in missing value, or a system default.

Note: this procedure is identical to the datatondc procedure, and we encourage the use of datatondc instead (saves having to type longer names and capital letters).

See Also

datatondc, ndctodata


See the examples for datatondc.