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Draws the given graphical objects.


	procedure NhlDraw (
		objects  : graphic   



An array of any dimensionality of plot objects.


The NhlDraw procedure draws each object in the input array, where each object must be a View object.

If any of the ids in objects are invalid, an error message will be displayed. View objects are created by using one of the many gsn functions, or by calling the NCL create language construct.

Note: this procedure is identical to the draw procedure, and we encourage the use of draw instead (saves having to type longer names and capital letters).

See Also

draw, frame


Example 1

; Create workstation.
  wks = create "poly" xWorkstationClass defaultapp end create

; Create a data object.
  npts = 500
  x    = fspan(0,npts-1,npts)
  y    = 500.+ 0.9 * x * sin(0.031415926535898*x)

  dataid = create "data" coordArraysClass noparent
    "caYArray" : y
  end create

  xy = create "xy" xyPlotClass wks
    "xyCoordData" : dataid
  end create

  text1 = create "text1" textItemClass wks
    "txString"      : "This is a string at the top"
    "txFont"        : 22
    "txPosYF"       : 0.5
    "txPosYF"       : 0.9
    "txFontHeightF" : 0.03
  end create

  text2 = create "text1" textItemClass wks
    "txString"      : "This is a string at the bottom"
    "txFont"        : 22
    "txPosXF"       : 0.5
    "txPosYF"       : 0.1
    "txFontHeightF" : 0.03
  end create

  NhlDraw((/xy,text1,text2/))   ; could also use draw((/xy,text1,text2/))
  NhlFrame(wks)                 ; could also use frame(wks)