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Returns a reference to the current Workspace object.


	function NhlGetWorkspaceObjectId (

	return_val [1] :  graphic


The Workspace object manages blocks of memory used by the NCL objects. This function returns a reference to the workspace object so the workspace array sizes may be configured by the user.

See Also

NhlGetParentWorkstation, NhlGetParentId, NhlGetParentWorkstation


The following code snippet shows how to use the NhlGetWorkspaceObjectId function to increase the maximum workspace memory:

  wks = gsn_open_wks("x11","example")

  setvalues NhlGetWorkspaceObjectId()
    "wsMaximumSize" : 300000000
  end setvalues

This is useful if you find yourself getting an error message from NCL that looks like this:

fatal:ContourPlotPreDraw: Workspace reallocation would exceed maximum size 100000000
fatal:ContourPlotDraw: draw error
warning:WorkstationDeactivate: workstation not active or not opened