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Sets the dash patterns for a given list of dash pattern indexes and workstations.


	function NhlSetDashPattern (
		wks           [*] : graphic,  
		dash_indexes  [*] : integer,  
		dash_patterns [*] : string    



An array of NCL Workstation identifiers. The identifiers are ones returned either from calling gsn_open_wks or calling create to create a Workstation object.


An array of dash pattern indexes.


A list of strings of the same length as dash_indexes indicating the dash patterns to create.


For the dash pattern table of each workstation in wks, this procedure sets the given indexes to the dash pattern defined for that index.

We recommend that you use the NhlNewDashPattern function instead, as it doesn't require that you give it a list of dash pattern indexes. It just adds the dash pattern to the end of the current dash pattern table, and returns a new list of indexes.

For more information on how to create a new dash pattern, see the description section for NhlNewDashPattern.

See Also

NhlNewDashPattern, NhlNewMarker


See the examples in NhlNewDashPattern.