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Forces an NCL script to exit immediately.


	procedure exit (


This procedure executes the standard C library exit command with the value of 0 to immediately exit the NCL script.

Note that this procedure does not do the normal cleanup that occurs when "quit" (an NCL keyword) is invoked or when an NCL script just ends without either of these being executed. If you are writing graphics to an output file, like a PS or NCGM file, then these files may not be closed properly. You may want to call "delete(wks)" on your workstation before exiting a script, to ensure that it is closed properly.

As of NCL version 5.0.0 the behavior described above concerning normal cleanup has been deemed an incorrect behavior (i.e. a bug) and has been fixed. All graphics and data files are now closed properly when exit is called.

See Also

status_exit, quit


Example 1

Quit a script if a certain condition is met:

  x = 0

  if (x .eq. 0)
  end if