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Exits an NCL script passing a status code to the calling environment.

Available in version 5.0.0 and later.


	procedure status_exit (
		code  : integer   



The status value to be passed to the calling environment.


Like the exit procedure, this procedure executes the standard C library exit command to exit the NCL script immediately. Unlike exit, it passes the value of the code argument to the calling enviroment, that is, the parent process, typically some flavor of Unix shell. Note that only the low-order eight bits of the value is actually transmitted.

The C library defines two standard exit codes, EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE, generally equated to the values 0 and 1 respectively. Other values may not be universally recognized.

See Also

exit, quit


Example 1

Exit a script with an error if a file is not opened successfully:

f = addfile("","r")
if (ismissing(f)) then
end if
The status value is available (until the next command is issued) in the C shell as $status. In sh, ksh, and bash it can be accessed as $?. In bash it is also available as $PIPESTATUS.