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Computes the value of e (the base of natural logarithms) raised to the power of the input.


	function exp (
		value  : numeric   

	return_val [dimsizes(value)] :  float or double



An array of one or more floating point values of any dimension.

Return value

Returns an array dimensioned the same as value.

The return type is floating point if the input is floating point, and double if the input is of type double.


This function returns evalue. Missing values are ignored.

See Also

log, log10


Example 1

  f = -0.2
  exp_f = exp(f)
  print(exp_f)        ; Should be 0.8187308
Example 2: Find the cube root of 3112.136 [=x^3]

  x = exp( log(3112.136)/3.0 )
  print( x )        ; Should be 14.6
Example 3: Solve the following for x: y = 9.328*(0.729-x^3) - 1.8

   y = 2.0
   x = exp( log(0.729-((y+1.8)/9.328))/3.0 )  ; = 0.685