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Returns the name of a script of commands provided to NCL for execution.


	function get_script_name (

	return_val [1] :  string

Return value

Returns a singly dimensioned string containing the name of the file of commands, if provided, to NCL for execution.


This function returns the name of a script of commands that NCL was invoked with, if provided.

Note: get_script_name was originally an unadvertised function in the shea_util.ncl script. It behaved slightly different in that it returned only the prefix of the NCL script name. If you were using this old version and want to duplicate its behavior, then use the new built-in get_script_prefix_name function, which doesn't require any script to be loaded in order to use it.

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Example 1

Print the name of the command file provided to NCL. If NCL is invoked as:

% ncl myScript.ncl

The script itself can announce how NCL was invoked:

  script_name  = get_script_name()  ; string
  print(script_name)                ; Or, just print(get_script_name())
The following is returned:

Example 2

If no script is provided to NCL, the default missing value for type string is returned. If NCL is invoked as:

% ncl

the function will return:


  (0) missing