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Returns a logical array indicating which input values contain an IEEE NaN.


	function isnan_ieee (
		x  : float or double   

	return_val [dimsizes(x)] :  logical



An array of any dimensionality and of type float or double.

Return value

A logical array of the same dimensions as x.


For each element of x, This function returns the value True if it is an IEEE NaN (Not A Number) value, and False if it is not an IEEE NaN or if it's a missing value.

Important note: this function and replace_ieeenan use potentially non-portable code to determine whether a number is a NaN. Exercise caution when using these functions.

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Example 1

Assume the array x has been calculated or has been read from some file. Use the isnan_ieee function along with the any function to determine if x contains any NaNs. If so, then use the replace_ieeenan procedure to change all occurrences of NaN to a user-specified value:

  if (any(isnan_ieee(x))) then
      value = 1.e20
      replace_ieeenan (x, value, 0)
      x@_FillValue = value
  end if