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Returns True if any of the values of its input evaluate as True.


	function any (
		logical_array  : logical   

	return_val [1] :  logical



A logical array of any dimensionality.


The any function returns a single logical scalar value if any of the non-missing value elements of the logical_array parameter are True or can be evaluated as True.

This function is useful for changing multidimensional results from logical expressions into a single scalar value, which is required by the if statement. All numeric values can be coerced to a logical value. Values that are 0 are interpreted as False and values that are non-zero are interpreted as True.

Use the all function if you want True to be returned only if all of the input evaluates as True.

See Also

all, ind, num, where


Example 1

  x = new(5,float,-999)
  x = (/1.,2.,-999,4.,5./)

  print(any(             ; should be True
  print(any(             ; should be False
  print(any(  ; should be False

Example 2

  if(any(ismissing(x))) then
    print("x contains one or more missing values, cannot continue.")
  end if