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Returns True if all the elements of the input evaluate as True.


	function all (
		logical_array  : logical   

	return_val [1] :  logical



A logical array of any dimensionality.


The all function returns a single logical scalar value only if all of the non-missing value elements of the logical input parameter are True or can be evaluated as True.

This function is useful for changing multidimensional logical results from logical expressions into a single scalar value, which is required by the if statement. All numeric values can be coerced to a logical value. Values that are 0 are interpreted as False and values that are non-zero are interpreted as True.

See Also

any, ind, num, where


Example 1

  x = new(5,float,-999)
  x = (/1.,2.,-999,4.,5./)

  print(all(   ; should be False
  print(all(   ; should be True  

Example 2

  if(all(ismissing(x))) then
    print("x contains all missing values, cannot continue.")
  end if