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Prints a summary of a file variable's information.


	procedure printFileVarSummary (
		file    [1] : file,    
		varname [1] : string   



A reference to a file that was opened with either addfile or addfiles.


The name of a variable on the file.


The printFileVarSummary procedure displays the information associated with a file variable. The information includes type, attributes, dimensions sizes, named dimensions (if present), and a summary of coordinate data (if present).

printFileVarSummary does not print out individual values like the print procedure.

See Also

print, printVarSummary


Example 1

This example opens a netCDF file and prints information about every variable on the file. This gives you slightly more verbose output than just using print(f):

  f = addfile ("$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/data/cdf/meccatemp.cdf", "r")
  varnames = getfilevarnames(f)
  if(.not.any(ismissing(varnames))) then
    do i=0,dimsizes(varnames)-1
      printFileVarSummary (f,varnames(i))
    end do
  end if

Note: you can get the same results using printVarSummary(f->varname), but this will actually cause the data to be read from the file, which is an unnecessary step.