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Reads an NCL system colormap file or a user-defined colormap.

Available in version 6.1.0 and later.


	function read_colormap_file (
		filename  : string   



The name of a colormap from NCL's system colormaps, or the name of a file containing a user-defined color map.

Return value

A float array of size n x 4 is returned, where n is the number of colors in the colormap. Colors are 4-tuples of red, green, blue, opacity values, in the range [0., 1.].


[Note: in NCL versions 6.1.2 or earlier, you must load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/gsn_code.ncl" to use this function. In later versions, you don't need to load anything.]

This is a convenience function for loading NCL's system colormaps or user-specified colormaps. While general-purpose in nature, its primary use-case is loading colormaps that are then assigned to resources such as cnFillPalette, cnFillColors, vcLevelPalette, vcLevelColors, stLevelColors, stLevelPalette, or mpFillColors.

Note that the function always returns 4-component colors, consisting of red/green/blue/opacity values. If the source color tables do not contain opacity values, a default of 1.0 (opaque) is returned.

The function follows all the naming and searching conventions for locating files as described here.

See Also

draw_color_palette, namedcolor2rgb, gsn_define_colormap span_color_indexes, span_color_rgba, get_color_index, get_color_rgba, span_named_colors


For several examples of manipulating color using the new color display introduced in NCL V6.1.0, see the "New color capabilities" examples page.

Example 1

This example shows how to read an existing color map, and then subscript part of it for a filled contour plot:

  cmap = read_colormap_file("BlAqGrYeOrReVi200")
  res@cnFillColors = cmap(3:,:)    ; Skips the first two colors
Example 2

This example shows how to read an existing color map, and make part of it transparent for a filled contour plot:

  cmap       = read_colormap_file("OceanLakeLandSnow")
  cmap(0:1,3) = 0.0    ; Make first two blue colors fully transparent
  res@cnFillColors = cmap