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Writes compressed data to a Vis5D+ format file.


	procedure v5d_write (
		timestep   [1] : integer,  
		varnum     [1] : integer,  
		data [*][*][*] : float     



A scalar timestep number in the range [1...numtimes]


A scalar variable number in the range [1...numvars] indicating which variable you want to write.


A 3-dimensional float array of gridded data values.


v5d_write() writes data to a file in the Vis5D+ format. The data must be a 3D array of grid values where the number of values to write is equal to nr * nc * nl(var), ordered as:

     data[row + nr * (col + nc * lev)]
where row increases from North to South, col(umn) increases from West to East, and lev(el) increases from bottom to top.

The data is written in a compressed format. See the documentation for v5d_create for a discussion of how to best utilize compression settings for your data.

For further information on Vis5D+ and file formats, see documentation at the Vis5D website.

See Also

v5d_create, v5d_write_var, v5d_close, v5d_setLowLev, v5d_setUnits


  Assignment        Comments

;; see also  v5d_create()

  numtimes = 5      ; 5 time steps
  numvars  = 1      ; 1 physical variable
  nr = 30           ; 30 rows in each 3D grid
  nc = 40           ; 40 columns in each 3D grid
  nl = 20           ; 20 levels in each 3D grid

  myData = new((/nl, nc, nr/), "float")
  v5d_create(..., numvars, nr, nc, nl, (/"myData"/) ...)

;; [fill the 3D grid, from NW bottom corner: grid(0, 0, 0)
;;  to the SE upper corner: grid(nr -1, nc -1, nl - 1)]

  v5d_write(numtimes, 1, data)