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Marker Styles

There are 17 predefined markers available. You can change the marker style by using gsMarkerIndex for markers associated with polymarkers or gsn_add_polymarker, gsn_polymarker, gsn_polymarker_ndc.

For scatter plots or xy plots that include markers in addition to lines, use xyMarker or xyMarkers(more than one line on a plot).

The marker style is changed using an integer from 0 to 16. The default is marker index 0 (Asterisk).

You can also make your own marker style using the NhlNewMarker function. See XY application example 4.

Application Examples

Code Snippets

    res               = True
    res@gsMarkerIndex = 4    
    res@xyMarker      = 4    
    res@xyMarkers     = (/2,5,12/) 
    setvalues obj
       "gsMarkerIndex":  4
       "xyMarker"     :  4
       "xyMarkers"    :  (/2,5,12/)
    end setvalues