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Returns True for every input string that is a coordinate variable of the given variable.


	function iscoord (
		var          ,          
		coord_names  : string   

	return_val  :  logical



A variable of any type and dimensionality.


An array of strings of any dimensionality.


For each element in the coord_names list, iscoord returns True if it is a coordinate variable of var, and False otherwise. If var is not a variable, then a single missing value is returned.

This function is useful for checking if coordinates are attached to a variable before accessing them.

See Also

isatt, isdim, isdimnamed


Example 1

Assume x is a 3D variable, and that we want to check if it has coordinate variables called "lat" and "lon"; if so, print out their mins and maxes:

  if(all(iscoord(x,(/"lat","lon"/)))) then
    print("min/max x&lat = " + min(x&lat) + "/" + max(x&lat))
    print("min/max x&lon = " + min(x&lon) + "/" + max(x&lon))
  end if

Example 2

Assume Data is a 2D array that you want to copy its data and coordinate arrays, if they exist, to a new variable, newData:

  newData = (/Data/)      ; Copy data only, no metadata

  if (.not.ismissing(Data!0) .and. iscoord(Data,Data!0)) then
    newData!0        = Data!0         ; copy the dimension name
    newData&$Data!0$ = Data&$Data!0$  ; copy the coord variables
  end if
  if (.not.ismissing(Data!1) .and. iscoord(Data,Data!1)) then
    newData!1        = Data!1         ; copy the dimension name
    newData&$Data!1$ = Data&$Data!1$  ; copy the coord variables
  end if