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Returns True if variable dimensions have names in given variable.


	function isdimnamed (
		var       ,           
		dim_nums  : integer   

	return_val  :  logical



A variable of any type and dimensionality.


A scalar or 1D array of integers representing dimension numbers.


For each element in the dim_nums list, isdimnamed returns True if it is the number of a dimension that is named in variable var, and False otherwise.

The input values may be in any order and the output values correspond one for one with the input order. As a special case, if dim_nums is set to -1, then for each dimension of var (and in the order of its dimensions), a True or False is returned indicating if the dimension is named.

If var is not a variable, then a single missing value is returned.

See Also

isatt, iscoord, isdim


Example 1

Assume x is a four-dimensional array dimensioned ntime x nlev x nlat x nlon, with dimensions names "time", "lev", "lat", "lon". The following code snippet will return isname = (/True,True,True,True/):

  ndims  = dimsizes(dimsizes(x))                  ; = 4
  isname = isdimnamed(x,ispan(0,ndims-1,1))

The above code snippet could have also be done using the special "-1" value for the second argument of isdimnamed:

  isname = isdimnamed(x,-1)

Example 2

The following code snippet will return isname = (/False,True/):

  w      = (/(/(/1.,2.,3/),(/4.,5.,6./)/),(/(/6.,5.,4/),(/3.,2.,1./)/)/)
  w!0    = "z"
  isname = isdimnamed(w,(/1,0/))