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Performs a specialized 1-2-1 filter for Wheeler-Kiladis plots.


	procedure wk_smooth121 (
		x  : float or double   



An array with one or more dimensions. The fastest varying (i.e. rightmost) dimension will be the dimension on which the specialized 1-2-1 running average is performed. Missing values should be indicated by x@_FillValue. If x@_FillValue is not set, then the NCL default (appropriate to the type of x) is assumed.


This procedure performs a special 1-2-1 weighted running average upon x. The input array is altered upon return, so make a copy of it if you need to retain the original values.

See Also

wgt_runave, wgt_areaave, wgt_areaave2, wgt_arearmse, wgt_arearmse2, wgt_areasum2, wgt_volave, wgt_volave_ccm, wgt_volrmse, wgt_volrmse_ccm


Example 1

Perform the specialized 1-2-1 smoothing on the rightmost dimension of x.

    x = ...
    xBak = x       ; make a backup copy of x
                   ; perform a special 1-2-1 filter