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Extracts a cross section from a given input field.


	function wrf_interp_2d_xy (
		v3d  : numeric,  
		xy   : numeric   

	return_val  :  float or double



An array of at least 3 dimensions, whose rightmost dimensions are nz x ny x nx.


An array of one less dimension than v3d whose rightmost dimensions are nxy x 2. This array holds the x/y pairs of a line across the model domain. The requested vertical cross section will be extracted from v3d along this line.

Return value

The return array will hold the vertical cross section data along the line described by xy.

The return array will be the same dimensionality as xy, except with the righmost two dimensions being nz x nxy.


This function extracts a vertical cross section from array v3d, along the line described by xy.

If v3d has attributes "description" or "units", they will be returned with the output variable. The "description" attribute will be set to " " if v3d doesn't contain this attribute.

See Also

wrf_interp_1d, wrf_interp_3d_z, wrf_user_intrp3d, wrf_user_getvar

See the full list of WRF functions.


The function wrf_user_intrp3d, (available in the $NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/wrf/WRFUserARW.ncl script) can be used to extract cross sections from point A to point B and interpolate in height/pressure in one step.

Example 1

    a = addfile("","r")
    tk = wrf_user_getvar(a,"tk",0)       ; temperature in Kelvin

    ;Create horizontal line across the middle of the domain
    dim = dimsizes(tk)
    xy = new((/ dim(1), 2 /),float)
    xy(:,0) = dim(2)/2
    xy(:,1) = ispan(0,dim(1)-1,1)

  ; Extract cross section of tk along line xy
    var2dcr = wrf_interp_2d_xy( tk, xy)
Example 2

  a = addfile("","r")

  time = 1
  tc = wrf_user_getvar(a,"tc",time)   ; T in deg C  
  z  = wrf_user_getvar(a,"z",time)    ; z on mass points

  plane = (/  40,81 , 259,81  /) ; approx. start x;y and end x;y point

  ; Extract cross section from point A to point B, as defined in "plane"
  ; And vertically interpolate to height coordinates ("z")
  tc_plane = wrf_user_intrp3d(tc,z,"v",plane,0.,True)