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Adds one or more additional data items to a plot.


	function NhlAddData (
		dcomms     [*] : graphic,  
		res_name   [1] : string,   
		data_items [*] : graphic   

	return_val [dimsizes(dcomms)][dimsizes(data_items)] :  graphic



An array of DataComm instances.


A single string containing a resource name to assign the data_items values to.


An array of DataItem instances to be added to each of the objects in the dcomms array.

Return value

The return value is a multi-dimensional array of references to data-specific objects created by the add data call. The output is dimensioned m x n, where m is the length of dcomms, and n is the length of data_items.


The NhlAddData function can be used to assign each element of the data_items array to each element of the dcomms array. Note that only one resource name is used, so all objects in the dcomms array must accept the same resource.

See Also

NhlUpdateData, NhlRemoveData


This example shows how to create an XY plot with a single curve, and then use NhlAddData to add additional curves. It then uses NhlRemoveData to remove some of the curves (just for illustration on how to do this).

load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/csm/gsn_code.ncl"

; Create array to contain dataitem ids.
  ncurve  = 10
  npts    = 100
  dataids = new(ncurve-1,graphic)
  addids  = new(ncurve-1,graphic)

; Initialize some dummy data for the xy plot.

  ii = tofloat(conform_dims((/ncurve,npts/),ispan(0,npts-1,1),1))
  jj = tofloat(conform_dims((/ncurve,npts/),ispan(1,ncurve,1),0))

  pi = 3.14159
  y = jj*sin((2.*ii*pi)/((npts-((jj-1)*10)-1)))

; Begin graphics section.
  wks = gsn_open_wks("x11","adddata")    ; open workstation

  res                  = True
  res@gsnMaximize      = True
  res@gsnDraw          = False
  res@gsnFrame         = False

  res@trYMinF          = min(y)    ; Make sure we have room to plot
  res@trYMaxF          = max(y)    ; all curves.

  res@xyLineColor      = 2
  res@xyLineThicknessF = 2.

; Create XY plot, but don't draw it yet.
  xy = gsn_y(wks,y(0,:),res)
; Loop through each curve. For each remaining curve, create
; the data object and add it to the existing XY plot.
  do i=1,ncurve-1
; Create data object.
    dataids(i-1) = create "xyData"+i coordArraysClass defaultapp
      "caYArray": y(i,0:(npts-i*10)-1)
    end create
; Add to existing plot.
    addids(i-1) = NhlAddData(xy,"xyCoordData",dataids(i-1))
; Set some resources for this particular curve.
    setvalues addids(i-1)
      "xyLineColor"      : i+3
      "xyLineThicknessF" : 1.02*(i+2)
    end setvalues
  end do

; Now draw the plot and advance the frame. You should see all
; ten curves, each with a different color and thickness.

; Remove every other data item and redraw.
; You should see only five curves now.