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Draws the projection of a curve defined by an array of points in 3-space.

Available in version 5.0.0 and later.


	procedure tdcurv (
		wks   [1] : graphic,  
		ucurv [*] : float,    
		vcurv [*] : float,    
		wcurv [*] : float,    
		iarh  [1] : integer,  
		arhl  [1] : float,    
		arhw  [1] : float     



An NCL workstation identifier for where you want to draw the surface. The wks identifier is one returned either from calling gsn_open_wks or calling create to create a Workstation object.


One-dimensional float arrays containing the 3-space coordinates of the points defining the curve.


A scalar integer; if its value is non-zero, the projection of a cone-shaped arrowhead will be drawn at the end of the curve. The magnitude of iarh is of the form npac+1000*npct, where npac is the number of points to be used to draw the circular base of the cone and npct is the number of points on that base to be connected to the tip. npac is forced to be 32 or greater and npct is forced to be npac/4 or greater; therefore, if you use iarh=1, you'll get npac=32 and npct=8, whereas, if you use iarh=50100, you'll get npac=100 and npct=50.


A float scalar specifying the length of the arrowhead.


A float scalar specifying the width of the arrowhead.


This routine is part of the low-level TDPACK package, which is a group of Fortran and C callable routines for projecting objects from a 3-dimensional coordinate system having U, V, and W axes to a 2-dimensional projection plane having X and Y axes and/or for drawing the projections of those objects. This can be referred to somewhat loosely as "drawing objects in three dimensions".

Please see the documentation on TDCURV for a full description of this procedure.

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