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Draws labels for all faces of a box in 3-space (for use with selected TDPACK routines).

Available in version 4.3.1 and later.


	procedure tdlbls (
		wks         [1] : graphic,  
		uvwmin      [3] : float,    
		uvwmax      [3] : float,    
		uvwnum_lab  [3] : string,   
		uvwinfo_lab [3] : string,   
		edge_flag   [1] : integer   



An NCL workstation identifier for where you want to draw the surface. The wks identifier is one returned either from calling gsn_open_wks or calling create to create a Workstation object.


Float arrays of 3 elements each specifying the minimum and maximum coordinate values defining the data box in 3-space.


An array of three strings containing numeric labels to be placed on a U, V, and W axis, respectively. The characters in the strings need not be in any particular order, but they have to be separated by blanks and each has to be readable using a Fortran format of the form "En.0", where "n" is the length of the label.


An array of three strings containing informational labels for a U, V, and W axis, respectively.


An integer scalar indicating which edges of the box are to be labelled. If zero, all six outer edges are labelled; if non-zero, only three edges are labelled: one set of three if negative, and a different set if positive.


This routine is part of the low-level TDPACK package, which is a group of Fortran and C callable routines for projecting objects from a 3-dimensional coordinate system having U, V, and W axes to a 2-dimensional projection plane having X and Y axes and/or for drawing the projections of those objects. This can be referred to somewhat loosely as "drawing objects in three dimensions".

Please see the documentation on TDLBLS for a full description of this procedure.

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See examples 4 and 6 in the "three-dimensional graphics" applications page.