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NCL showcase page for Australian researchers

Page under construction.

This page showcases some NCL examples created by or for Australian researchers. It is meant to be a companion page to the Oz wiki set up by Mark Collier of CSIRO.

If you have an NCL visualization you would like to contribute to this page, please email the NCL admins and include or attach the following:

  1. your NCL script(s)
  2. a PostScript file with no more than three frames
  3. a brief explanation of your example (and optionally, yourself)
oz_1.ncl: This example shows how to create a map of Australia with the states and territories outlined.

To get these outlines, you must set the following three resources:

res@mpDataBaseVersion = "MediumRes"
res@mpDataSetName = "Earth..4"
res@mpOutlineBoundarySets = "AllBoundaries"

oz_2.ncl: This script shows how you can use shapefile data to draw additional information on a map, like rivers, city locations, and enclosed areas.

The shapefiles for this example were all free. See the comments in the script for details.