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Printable manuals

The pdf "mini" manuals use color to emphasize keywords, functions, and syntax. Hence, we suggest that these be printed in color. If not possible, black and white versions look fine. In either case, to save paper, use duplex mode if available. The graphics manual has not been updated in awhile, so it may not reflect newer graphics functionality. The language manual is up-to-date.

Other Manuals

  • DKRZ: NCL Tutorial Version 1.1

    This is a very nice combination of the Mini-Language Manual and an excellent introduction to NCL graphics. We recommend this manual as a starting point if you are learning NCL.

    It was created by Karin Meier-Fleischer and Michael Böttinger of DKRZ (Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum). It also mentions the Climate Data Operators (CDO) which were created at Max Planck Institute for Meteorology.

  • DKRZ: Examples and Exercises

    This is associated with the DKRZ Tutorial. It contains a suite of examples that illustrate creating NCL graphics.

  • NCL Reference Manual

    This is a thorough reference manual for NCL, which is mainly for the purpose of looking up information, like scoping rules, keyword listings, meanings of special symbols, etc. It is not meant as a starting guide for NCL.

  • Getting Started Using NCL

    This is an old document. We suggest looking at the DKRZ tutorial listed above instead. This document is still being mentioned because it contains some useful information about some very basic NCL graphical concepts.

  • Introdução ao NCAR Command Language (NCL), com aplicações em Meteorologia (pdf)

    Esta apostila propõe-se a oferecer uma introdução básica e didática à linguagem de programação do NCAR Command Language e as suas capacidades de plotagem gráfica. A disponibilidade de um material em Português possibilita que mais usuários, falantes desta língua, comecem a usar e desfrutar todas as potencialidades oferecidas pelo NCL. Gostaríamos de contar com os usuários para correções e a constante melhora desta apostila.

    Em caso de dúvidas, sugestões, correções e críticas, por favor, mande um e-mail para

    • Mateus da Silva Teixeira, Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Pelotas, Brazil
    • Vanúcia Schumacher Pogorzelski, Meteorology student, Faculdade de Meteorologia, UFPel, Brazil
    • Stefane Fonseca Freitas, Meteorology student, Faculdade de Meteorologia, UFPel, Brazil
    • Carina Klug Padilha Reinke, Meteorologista, Centro de Pesquisas e Previsões Meteorológicas, Faculdade de Meteorologia, UFPel, Brazil
  • Tutorial sobre o NCAR Command Language (NCL)

    Written by Guilherme Martins of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais in Brazil.