NCL and NCAR Graphics email lists

Please read these posting guidelines before posting to these email lists.

The NCL/NCARG team monitors all mailing lists, and we generally try to answer questions within a few hours. We encourage the community to pitch in with answers. Sometimes we will respond to a person offline, so if you don't see an answer right away, this doesn't necessarily mean we aren't looking into it. We will eventually post the resolution when we have all the information, and if it is appropriate.

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Sending and replying to messages email lists

To send a message to any of these lists, use the appropriate email address:,, or If you would like to answer a question posted to a list, we ask that you send it to the whole list so that other people can benefit from the answer as well.

Read these posting guidelines before posting to these email lists.

Submitting a bug report

To report an NCL bug, email and provide:
  1. The version of NCL you are running (ncl -V).
  2. The shortest NCL script possible that illustrates the bug.
  3. Any data files needed to run your script.
  4. A graphic (PostScript file, PDF file, NCGM file, etc.) that illustrates the problem.
  5. The exact error message (if any).
  6. The type of system you're on (usually "uname -a" is enough).
You cannot not attach large files (> 1.5 megabytes) to an ncl-talk email, so if you can put your script, data, and/or images on a website and then just provide a URL, that would be ideal. Ftp also works for us. You can use our our ftp account if needed.