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NCL: Weighted Averages

ave_1.ncl: Reads in a variable from a netCDF file, calculates the global weighted average, and creates a plot of the resulting time series.

wgt_areaave is the NCL function that will calculate a weighted area average.
ave_2.ncl: Calculates a hemispheric average, adds colored lines, and a plot legend.

nh = wgt_areaave(ts(:,{0:90},:),gw({0:90}),1.0,0) Note the syntax using the curly brackets. This allows you to process a sub-set of the parent array using actual values in the latitude coordinate variable. Note also, that the gaussian weights must be partitioned over the same sub-region.
ave_3.ncl: Plots a horizontal map with the volume average as a center string.

wgt_volave_ccm calculates the weight volume average.

For model files, the z-weights are the delta-pressures, which can be calculated using dpres_hybrid_ccm