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NCL Graphics: XY plots (generic high-level plot interfaces)

Line Type Plot Templates


These functions create generic XY plots.

We recommend that you use the more customized functions:


See the "XY plotting page" examples page for more customized XY plots.

gsn_xy_1.ncl: Default plot from ACSII data. The "data.asc" data file, which is no longer available, had 6 columns of data and 500 rows of data.

gsn_xy is the generic plot interface that creates xy plots.

gsn_xy_2.ncl: Add some titles.

tiMainString = "An xy plot Example", Adds a plot title
tiYAxisString = "Dust (ppm)", Adds a y-axis title
tiXAxisString = "Time", Adds an x-axis title.

gsn_xy_3.ncl: Demonstrates multiple lines, line color, thickness, and pattern.

xyLineColors = (/"black","red"/), control the line colors.
xyLineThicknesses = (/1.0,2.0/), Controls the line thicknesses. xyDashPatterns = (/0,0/), Controls the line dash patterns.

gsn_xy_4.ncl: Demonstrates adding markers to lines.

xyMarkLineModes = (/"Markers","Lines","MarkLines"/), Controls whether each line on the plot is represented soly by a line, by markers, or both.
xyMarkerColors = (/"red", "black","black"/),Controls the colors of the markers. Note that we fill out the array.
xyMarkers= (/2,0,1/), controls the style of the markers.

gsn_xy_5.ncl: Demonstrates the use of the gsn_y plot interface.
xy_35.ncl : Illustrates the use of new XYPlot opacity resources (new with NCL 6.4.0):