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NCL Graphics: SPARC

SPARC (Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate) is core project of the World Climate Research Programme. SPARC themes and activities address areas of societal concern such as:

  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols
  • Climate Variability and Change
  • Ozone
  • Polar Processes

NCAR's Climate Data Guide (CDG) provides more information (search SPARC) including strengths and weaknesses of assorted data sets.

sparc_1.ncl: A simple script to convert two ascii files to a single netCDF file. This netCDF file will be used in subsequent examples.
sparc_2.ncl: Read the netCDF created by sparc_1.ncl. Create a panel plot showing each months climatology. These illustrate how to customize the left axis for an an 'irregularly' spaced y-axis.