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NCL: Divergent and Rotational Wind Components

Note that no attributes or coordinate variables are returned by these functions.

  • uv2dvG calculates the divergence via spherical harmonics
  • dv2uvg calculates the divergent wind components via spherical harmonics
  • uv2vrG computes the vorticity via spherical harmonics
  • vr2uvg computes the rotational wind components via spherical harmonics
  • uv2dv_cfd computes the divergence via centerd finite differences
  • uv2vr_cfd computes the vorticity via centerd finite differences
wind_1.ncl: First calculates divergence, then the divergent wind components. Creates a simple vector plot.
wind_2.ncl: First calculates vorticity and then the rotational wind components. Creates a simple vector plot.
wind_3.ncl: Divergent wind vectors plotted over velocity potential.
wind_4.ncl: A black and white version of example 3.
wind_5.ncl: Example of divergence calculated via spherical harmonics (uv2dvG) and centered finite differences uv2dv_cfd. These functions require the grids to be rectilinear. All spherical harmonic function require global grids. The centered finite difference function(s) can be used on limited area grids and allow missing values (_FillValue).