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For a whole suite of examples using NCL to plot WRF-ARW data, we recommend that you visit the WRF-ARW Online Tutorial.
WRF_pcp_1.ncl: This example shows how to overlay precipitation contours on a terrain map, using transparent contours for some of the precipitation contour levels.

This example also shows how to use two different colormaps that are too large to merge into one colormap. NOTE: In 6.1.0 you will no longer have to merge multiple colormaps in order to use them in one image.

wrf_contour and wrf_map_overlays are used to create the plots. Using these functions allows you to take advantage of the metadata on the WRF file for special titles (see the enlarged image).

In particular, this example shows how to create two WRF contour fill plots, one with a horizontal labelbar, and one with a vertical labelbar.

Thanks to Dr. Craig Mattocks at the Center for Environmental Modeling for Policy Development, UNC-Chapel Hill, for providing the inspiration for this example and helping fine-tune it.