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Returns a list of attribute names for the given variable or file pointer.


	function getvaratts (

	return_val [*] :  string



Any NCL variable, or a pointer to a file opened with addfile.

Return value

A string array containing all the names of the attributes attached to the variable or file.


This function returns a list of attribute names for a given NCL variable. It can also be used to return the global attributes for a file variable opened with addfile.

If the variable or file pointer has no attributes, then the default missing value for the type "string" is returned.

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Example 1

  f = addfile("$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/data/cdf/Tstorm.cdf","r")
  reftime = f->reftime
  lat     = f->lat
  print(getvaratts(reftime))    ; should be (/"units","long_name"/)
  print(getvaratts(lat))        ; should be a missing value

Example 2

This example pulls the global attributes off a file and prints out their values:

  f = addfile("$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/data/cdf/","r")

  file_atts = getvaratts(f)


  if(.not.any(ismissing(file_atts))) then
    do i=0,dimsizes(file_atts)-1
      print("Attribute " + file_atts(i) + " = " + f@$file_atts(i)$)
   end do
  end if

The output will be:

(0)     title
(1)     source
(2)     history
(3)     Conventions
(4)     creation_date
(5)     references
(0)     Attribute title = UV300: January and July
(0)     Attribute source = Climate Analysis Section, NCAR
(0)     Attribute history = Dataset uv300.hs from EZPLOT demo dataset
(0)     Attribute Conventions = None
(0)     Attribute creation_date = Mon Mar 29 09:24:57 MST 1999
(0)     Attribute references = 
EZPLOT for Publication Quality Plots
Christian Guillemot
NCAR-TN 414   1995