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NCL Graphics: Streamlines (high-level generic plot interface)

Stream Type Plot Templates


These functions create very generic streamline plots.

We recommend that you use the more customized functions:


for creating streamline plots.

See the "streamlines" examples page for more customized streamline plots.

gsn_stream_1.ncl: Default plot

gsn_streamline is the generic plot interface that creates streamline plots.

gsn_stream_2.ncl: Changes the color of the streamlines and tweaks the arrow sizes.

stLineThicknessF = 1.5, Changes the line thickness

stLineColor = "orange",changes the streamline color

stArrowLengthF = 0.015, Changes the size of the arrows.

gsn_stream_3.ncl: Example of a streamline plot colored by a given scalar field, using gsn_streamline_scalar.
gsn_stream_4.ncl: Example of a streamline plot colored by a given scalar field and overlaid on a map.

gsn_streamline_scalar_map is the function used.