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Scripts used in NCL workshop graphics lecture

These examples show a progression of visualizations from the most basic one with no or minimal resources set, to a more complex visualization with multiple resources set. The scripts are named script1a.ncl, script1b.ncl, script1c.ncl, etc to indicate the progression of examples.

Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger image. You can download the NCL scripts by right-clicking on them and doing a "Save As" or "Download linked file". Some of the data files are available for download here, or they may be available on your student machine in class. See instructor for details.

[Examples listed by categories only.]


bar charts with primitives

bar1a.ncl bar1b.ncl bar1c.ncl bar1d.ncl
bar1e.ncl bar1f.ncl bar1g.ncl bar1h.ncl
bar1i.ncl bar1j.ncl bar1k.ncl


color tables and named colors

color1.ncl color2.ncl color3.ncl color4.ncl
color5.ncl color6.ncl color7.ncl



contour1a.ncl contour1b.ncl contour1c.ncl contour1d.ncl
contour1d_levels.ncl contour1e.ncl


contouring curvilinear data (2D lat/lon arrays)

ice.ncl shapefile1d.ncl


contouring over cylindrical equidistant maps

contour2a.ncl contour2b.ncl contour2c.ncl contour2d.ncl
contour2e.ncl contour4a.ncl contour4b.ncl contour4c.ncl


contouring over lambert conformal maps

contour6a.ncl contour6b.ncl contour6c.ncl contour6d.ncl
contour6e.ncl contour6f.ncl contour7a.ncl contour7b.ncl
contour7c.ncl contour7d.ncl contour7e.ncl contour7f.ncl
contour7g.ncl contour7h.ncl contour7i.ncl


contouring over polar stereographic maps

contour8a.ncl contour8b.ncl contour8c.ncl contour8d.ncl


contouring unstructured data

contour5a.ncl contour5b.ncl contour5c.ncl contour5d.ncl
contour5e.ncl arpege.ncl


contouring with irregular coordinate arrays

irregular1a.ncl irregular1b.ncl irregular1c.ncl irregular1d.ncl
irregular1e.ncl irregular1f.ncl irregular1g.ncl irregular1h.ncl


contours and vectors over polar stereographic maps

contour3a.ncl contour3b.ncl contour3c.ncl contour3d.ncl
contour3e.ncl contour3f.ncl contour3g.ncl contour3h.ncl
contour3i.ncl contour3j.ncl


contours over contours over cylindrical equidistant maps

contour9a.ncl contour9b.ncl contour9c.ncl contour9d.ncl
contour9e.ncl contour9f.ncl


function codes

fcodes.ncl heart.ncl


maximizing plots in frame

max1a.ncl max1b.ncl max1c.ncl


miscellaneous scripts

arpege.ncl compare_gsn_scripts.ncl contour_color_tables.ncl contour_fill_types.ncl
fcodes.ncl france_shapefiles.ncl heart.ncl ice.ncl
overlay_subset.ncl streamline_example.ncl streamline_map.ncl tibet.ncl
vector_types.ncl viewport.ncl vp_frames.ncl xy_a4.ncl


multiple plots on a page

panel1a.ncl panel1b.ncl panel1c.ncl panel1d.ncl
panel1e.ncl panel1f.ncl panel1g.ncl panel1h.ncl
panel1i.ncl panel1j.ncl


overlaying multiple fields on a map

overlay1a.ncl overlay1b.ncl overlay1c.ncl overlay1d.ncl


pressure/height plots

preshgt1a.ncl preshgt1b.ncl preshgt1c.ncl preshgt1d.ncl



poly1a.ncl poly1b.ncl poly1c.ncl poly1d.ncl
poly1e.ncl poly1f.ncl poly1g.ncl poly1h.ncl
poly1i.ncl poly1j.ncl poly1k.ncl poly1l.ncl
poly1m.ncl poly2a.ncl poly2b.ncl poly2c.ncl
poly2d.ncl poly2e.ncl poly2f.ncl poly2g.ncl
poly3a.ncl poly3b.ncl poly3c.ncl poly3d.ncl
poly3e.ncl poly3f.ncl poly3g.ncl poly3h.ncl


shapefile plots

shapefile1a.ncl shapefile1b.ncl shapefile1c.ncl shapefile1d.ncl
france_shapefiles.ncl switzerland_shapefiles.ncl poly3h.ncl


streamlines and contours over maps

stream1a.ncl stream1b.ncl stream1c.ncl stream1d.ncl
stream1e.ncl stream1f.ncl stream1g.ncl stream1h.ncl


streamlines over maps

stream2a.ncl stream2b.ncl stream2c.ncl stream2d.ncl
stream2e.ncl stream2f.ncl


vectors over cylindrical equidistant maps

vector1a.ncl vector1b.ncl vector1c.ncl vector1d.ncl
vector1e.ncl vector1f.ncl vector1g.ncl


vectors over polar stereographic maps

vector2a.ncl vector2b.ncl vector2c.ncl vector2d.ncl
vector2e.ncl vector2f.ncl vector2g.ncl


view port illustrations



xy plots

xy1a.ncl xy1b.ncl xy1b_msg.ncl xy1c.ncl
xy1d.ncl xy1d_mod1.ncl xy1d_mod2.ncl xy1e.ncl
xy1f.ncl xy1g.ncl xy1h.ncl xy1i.ncl
xy_frame.ncl xy_frame_wgrid.ncl xy2a.ncl xy2b.ncl
xy2c.ncl xy2d.ncl xy2e.ncl xy2f.ncl
xy2g.ncl xy2h.ncl xy2i.ncl


xy plots with multiple Y axes

xy4a.ncl xy4b.ncl xy4c.ncl xy4d.ncl
xy4e.ncl xy5a.ncl xy5b.ncl xy5c.ncl
xy5d.ncl xy5e.ncl